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A Native Youth Shoe Design Workshop

Project Summary

Tribal Vibes was a free shoe design workshop at Feast Arts Center in Tacoma on May 20th, 2018. Professional artists including Sondra Segundo (Haida) led culturally informed design activities for 19 Native youth ages 10-18. Each workshop participant walked away with a new pair of shoes decorated to proudly express who they are as contemporary Indigenous people.

Tribal Vibes was organized by four Indigenous women - Misha Averill, Maggie Sanders, Adriel Starren, and Asia Tail - as part of Native Action Network's inaugural Leadership Initiative Cohort.

Mission Statement

To educate and engage Native American youth through a hands-on experience using Native arts, elements, materials, and history to aid self-identity and their relationship to their ancestors and Native American culture.  We would like to bridge the resources and share those who are experts in their craft of American Indian designs to inspire Native American Youth to get engaged.


To inspire Native American Youth to get involved with traditional and contemporary methods of arts and continuing to practice and keep the arts alive, evolutionary, and experimental. 

Purpose Statement

Creating a space for community and Native American youth to engage, practice, and learn about different Native cultural art elements/designs, and practice those designs on contemporary clothing items, specifically shoes.