Calling All Indigenous Creatives



yəhaw̓ is an Indigenous-led, yearlong project that includes satellite installations, performances, workshops and trainings, artists-in-residence, art markets, a publication, and partner events at more than twenty-five sites across Coast Salish territories and beyond. Our programs are accompanied by relationship-building and mentorship opportunities to support continued artistic development in our communities, with the intent that all participants will gain experience and exposure, and build sustaining connections. The exhibition at ARTS at King Street Station, running from March 23-August 3, 2019, is the centerpiece of yəhaw̓.

The title of the show is drawn from the Coast Salish story of people from many tribes uniting around a common cause and lifting the sky together. In the spirit of that story, we used a decolonized curatorial process, inviting all Indigenous individuals living in the region to participate. As a result, the gallery features work from over 200 exhibitors. Participants come from urban and reservation communities, use many types of media, and range from master artisans and Elders to youth and emerging creatives who are exhibiting their work publicly for the first time.

We hope that yəhaw̓ reflects a nuanced, inclusive narrative that firmly establishes the vital contributions generated by Native thinkers and makers here, and now. By organizing an opportunity for community to speak for itself through a wide range of individual - and sometimes opposing - perspectives, yəhaw̓ un-settles assumptions and centers Indigenous action, Indigenous innovation, and Indigenous agency to author our own stories.

We raise our hands to all the Indigenous artists, the Office of Arts & Culture, and the partners who have helped to realize this project. Thank you for your trust, your generosity, and your willingness to learn with us.

Together we lift the sky.

- yəhaw̓ Curatorial Team - Tracy Rector (Choctaw/Seminole), Asia Tail (Cherokee Nation), and Satpreet Kahlon